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Flow Control at work

Our flow control products are at work in some of the worlds harshest oil and gas exploration environments. Click to find out more.

Tungsten Carbide is an ideal material for use in demanding wear applications such as the control of material flows in pumps.

Total Carbide produces components for use in all conditions and has an exemplary record for quality and speed of delivery as well as life cycle.

Our advanced Tungsten Carbide grades and ability to offer a "one stop shop" covering all aspects of material production, forming and finishing ensure that each component is built to the highest standards offering long life and efficient performance.

Our ability to machine components up to diameters of 420 mm and achieve a flatness of two light bands, makes us the perfect choice for all applications of high pressure pumping systems.

We can also "reverse engineer" worn components or those coming to the end of their life cycle to replace existing steel with high performance Tungsten Carbide.