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From hand machined components by skilled craftsmen to high volume CNC machining of complex shapes.

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The heart of our sintered tungsten carbide process. Click to learn more.

Total Carbide employs many different machines for Tungsten Carbide shaping and forming.

At the top end of the scale we have several CNC 'machining centres' suitable for high volume shaping and forming of complex shapes. At the other end, our highly skilled craftsmen can hand machine components with great precision.

We believe that our machine shops are second to none in terms of the equipment used and the skill level of our technicians. Creating a complex shaped tool component or wear part to tight tolerances whilst maximising efficiency requires a highly practical approach and our customers are fortunate to have access to some of the finest technicians available.

We encourage our customers to get involved with the manufacture of their products as much as possible and discuss with us their preferred techniques. During such discussion however, it is common for us to refer back to the people who actually do the work for advice and a steer on the process which will lead to the best result in terms of efficiency of production, cost and final product quality.

Total Carbide will help you make the right decision to guarantee the best result.