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From high volume robotic pressing to low volume hand pressing, our experience and technology assure you the best possible products.

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Shaping - The Future

Our latest CNC shaping machines allow us to create bespoke products to extreme tolerances. Click to learn more.

Total Carbide's tungsten carbide powder pressing and compacting capabilities are state-of-the-art.

Utilising the latest Osterwalder automated machines we can produce high volume components on a continuous basis. For low volume work we can hand press components up to a 420 mm diameter ring efficiently.

Our in-house skills enable us to press complex shapes with accuracy and precision to tolerances as low as 20 microns.

Our Osterwalder machines completely automate the pressing process for high volume applications allowing us to quite literally, put powder in one end and have finished products come out of the other end. On-board robotics handle the products, removing them from the press and placing them ready for the next process. The latest self-cleaning and self-monitoring technology employed enables us to continue production day and night with the minimum of staff on hand, offering efficiency as well as the ability to work to tight deadlines.

With many years of hand pressing experience we can hand press products up to 420mm in diameter. Our range of standard and special purpose hand presses coupled with a extensive array of press tooling enable us to produce the wide range of requirements today's markets demand ie: Seal rings, sleeves, rollers, wear plates, etc. Our hand pressing techniques produce blanks containing good dimensional and weight control and in some instances, products require no or very little additional work before finishing.