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Special Inserts

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Total Carbide knows about tooling.

Machine tools are ubiquitous in light and heavy industry and we have been producing tooling for varied machine tools in one shape or form for 50 years. Our knowledge and skill are built from an in-depth understanding of the art of tool making and an impressive array of customers from individual engineers to multinational conglomerates.

Shaping metal is best done with a tool made of something harder than you are working and as tungsten carbide is the hardest most adaptable material available, it makes perfect sense to employ the material for this purpose.

Our skills in forming, sintering and finishing machine tooling, help us to provide a product which will increase output and be optimised for long service, easily recovering the initial cost of the tool. Our project management and design capabilities mean we can help produce unique tools for your purposes which will help protect downstream revenues.

With a friendly professional service guaranteed, we think it makes perfect sense for you to trust us with your business.