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Our project managers save you time and ensure robust communication links between us and our customers.

Have your project managed by Total Carbide.
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Powder Preparation

There is much expertise behind our grades and metal powder preparation. Click to learn more.

Total Carbide will manage your project through each of our engineering and production processes and will stay with you through to delivery and post delivery reviews.

Once you take the short step to becoming a Total Carbide customer, you will be assigned a highly skilled Technical Sales Engineer to manage your requirement.

Helping you to specify your product in a way that makes the process as efficient and cost effective as possible, while offering both product and manufacturing expertise is imperative when hitting tight deadlines.

Your assigned project manager will communicate in a friendly and customer focussed manner behaving as if he works for you. He is able to liaise directly with all of our internal process managers and will stay with you beyond the delivery of your product.

Regular post delivery reviews can be arranged in order to discuss how the product delivered performed in operation and how further enhancements can be made. This on-the-job review often leads to dramatic improvements in productivity and efficiency when it comes time to renew or upgrade.