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Textile Cutting

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The textile industry is extremely competitive and it is imperative that all machines involved in the handling and cutting of textiles are built for continuous service.

The penalty for failure is a certain loss of business which is why time and again companies call on our high class products and services to ensure they can keep delivering.

Textile materials continue to become increasingly hard wearing putting more strain on the machine Wear parts and knives that carry out the important task of cutting the fibres.

Total Carbide manufacture standard and bespoke cutters and knives for many applications, our knowledge and experience in creating the right powder grades for a specific application has brought us much custom from many areas of the industry. This, complimented by our in-house fine grinding and finishing equipment, helps us to provide a product of the highest quality in as timely a manner as possible.

Our design team is able to devise new product ideas to help the textile industry improve productivity and reliability at the same time. Our back up service is of as high a quality as our products and we always ensure that you have exactly what you need when you need it both in terms of products and support.