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Engineering Design

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Total Carbide is the leading European manufacturer of sintered Tungsten Carbide hard metal components.

With over 50 years of Tungsten Carbide production and development experience, we can concentrate our skills to the development of any bespoke products for a wide spread of wear applications ranging from all aspects of oil & gas through measurement tools and cutting knives to difficult complex applications requiring specialized corrosion resistant materials.

Serving a wide industry base, we always relish a new challenge. By offering a personal friendly service from concept to delivery we optimise the design and production process enabling us to meet tight deadlines cost effectively.

Total Carbide products are engineered and manufactured to the highest possible standards adding both product and service reliability to our list of attributes. In this way we not only meet your delivery requirements but also guard against expensive downtime by optimising component longevity.

So, if you need to roll, cut, drill, pump, shape, spray, extrude or mould, you can benefit from our exemplary service and processes and the products they go toward creating.