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Whatever the forming process you use, from rolling, bending to deep drawing, Tungsten Carbide can offer huge advantages over other materials in both consistency of production and length of service.

For continuous work, where downtime can have huge financial implications, our customers want to ensure that the tools used will not fail in service.

Total Carbide has delivered products for metal forming for many years and has an implicit understanding of the physical pressures and wear brought to bear on its products.

Having supplied products for use in forming aerospace fasteners, railway components, medical containers as well as many applications for the construction industry we are relied upon to provide high quality precision products with absolute reliability built in.

Our ability to work closely with our customers helps us to develop unique relationships leading to our treatment as "one of the team". This is important as it engenders care throughout all of our processes and a feeling amongst key staff that your product is our product.

It is this unique working partnership that has lead to us having customers on our books for over 25 years who continue to see the benefit in time and effort in keeping their business with us.