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Die Parts for Tooling

Our superior die parts helps tooling perform better for longer. Click to find out more.

Whatever industry you work in, Total Carbide is best placed to help with your Tungsten Carbide die parts and blanks manufacturing.

We have developed techniques for the production of bespoke tungsten carbide die parts over many years and combined with our specialised grade of materials we can offer the most suitable solution for each application.

Whether you need dies and/or punches for stamping, trimming, forming, drawing or any other purpose, we can help you find a solution that will offer increased productivity and longer life, reducing down time and saving you money.

Tungsten Carbide die parts offer huge performance advantages over steel dies with vast increases in performance in the majority of cases. Our well equipped CNC green shaping department enables us to produces many complex profiles therefore reducing the time of expensive finishing operations. As we produce tooling for our own die sets we understand the need of correct grade selection and profile shape.