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Measurement products

Our measuremet products aid the oil and gas exploration industry to be more productive. Click to find out more.

Due to its hardness and low coefficient of expansion, Tungsten Carbide is a very practical material for use in many measurement and inspection applications, for example Measurement-While-Drilling (MWD) applications.

Total Carbide benefits from a wealth of Tungsten Carbide application experience for down-hole product development which allows us to find fast track solutions in the development of MWD products.

Tungsten also lends itself to many other measurement devices for laboratory and field use. Total Carbide has a great deal of in-house expertise regarding the material and its physical properties and coupled with our competence in powder preparation can help you to design new ways to help overcome extreme heat and other hostile environments when monitoring or measuring.

Our personal and professional approach can help to reduce lead-times and ensure the product you end up with will last and perform to your exacting standards.